Rent To Own Real Estate Solutions

Struggling with bad credit, low income or don’t have enough in the bank for a full down payment

Money on Taps unique rent to own program is the best solution for those who cannot currently be approved for a mortgage.

Home to Own H20 will sell you in a new home in any one of our Greater Toronto Area locations regardless of your circumstances. 

Whether you’re bankrupt, divorced, new to Canada, self employed, or a young first time buyer, we know you may just need more time.

By the end of the rent-to-own term, you’ll have rebuilt your credit and saved your shortfall to qualify for a mortgage in the same home you’ve been building equity in the entire time. It’s that easy!


How Does Rent to Own Work in Canada?

Home To Own (H20) program can possibly help you buy a house even with bad credit.

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We try to get you qualified for a mortgage with our in-house broker first. If not, that’s okay! Our rent to own program will meet you where you’re at. However, there are many options for homes, apartments, and condos in Ontario that don’t rely on traditional financing routes. Apply now to start the search for your future home.


Once you’re set with our rent to own agreement, you’ll start on your journey from rent to buy! Make payments to our investor like you would a regular mortgage and watch as your credit score climbs. You’ll use this time to get your ducks in a row, whether that’s by increasing your income, saving for a down payment, or just rebuilding a new life. Above all, you’ll do everything while already living in your dream home.


Essentially, at the end of the rent to own term, the house is yours. Both your downpayment and your monthly savings are fully credited to you, so that you owe that much less at the end of your term.

You should have enough for a low down payment mortgage to finance the rest. The best part is, any improvements you’ve made to the space increase equity in your home and in your pocket.

More than just a mortgage broker.

The Best of Canada’s Rent To Own Companies.

Owned and operated by Martin Charney, Home to Own H20 is a division of Money On Tap Inc., a business specializing in optimizing cash flows for individuals and business owners alike.

Martin is also an associate of Alpha House Mortgage Corporation, our in-house mortgage brokerage. All of our services are designed to get your finances where they need to be, now


Good for use on homes, condos, or apartments in Ontario of up to $700,000.


Credit scores typically begin around 500 and rise an average of 150 points.


Property values can increase up to 3% throughout the duration of the agreed term, which is around 2-3 years.


Our trusted investors buy the home for you and stay on the deed until you are financially stable enough to buy out the property.

Rent to Own Real Estate is Within Your Reach, Or 50/50 Co-Ownership May be the Answer.

Tired of throwing away rent money every month to a landlord? We have the solution for you.


This is What Money On Tap Does Best.

Stop renting without a plan. Money on Tap may not be able to qualify you for a mortgage now, but we have the rent to own program that one day will. 

Once approved, you’ll gain access to our team of brokers, agents, counselors, and investors that will transform your current financial situation.

In addition, youll be able to buy a house in Canada with bad credit, save down payment money, and increase your credit score through monthly payments to our investors.

When it’s time to requalify for the mortgage, the purchase price will stay at the original amount and is immune to annual percentage increases. The equity in your home may even rise if you decide to renovate or improve the property!


Rent to Own Reviews

Does Rent to Own Work? The testimonials speak for themselves. 

I have known Martin Charney to have always been very professional and able to recommend many creative financial solutions for his clients. I don’t know anyone else who represents such a diverse range of business and personal funding.

Christine Romahn

I’ve known Martin for nearly 15 years. I have done work for him as a service provider and have also received invaluable advice from him on a numerous occasions. He works incredibly hard to find innovative financing solutions. If it can be done, he can do it.

Jeremy Lichtman

Very detail oriented and always has his clients’ best interest in mind.

Marvin Rosenzweig

Buy or Rent?
Why Not Both?

Get pre-qualified for our rent to own program now!

We’ll help you find your dream home in the Greater Toronto Area regardless of your current circumstances.

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Still Not Sure if Home to Own H20 is Right For You?

 Money on Tap’s Home 2 Own program outranks other Rent to Own Companies. We’ll help you put together a Home Ownership Savings Plan that includes owning your own home. Fill out the form below to get a free consultation with a Licensed Credit Counselor!